Juicy J Wants To make Dream Collaboration With Eminem Happen!


Juicy J recently stopped by “The Whoolywood Shuffle” to chop it up with DJ Whoo Kid.

DJ Whoo Kid decided to ask him about his opinion on today’s rappers and the Memphis legend decided to weigh in.

Juicy J says that he and Three 6 Mafia didn’t have to go through it as bad as the kids today do as far as getting criticism for not putting out real lyrical content. Juicy says every now and then he did hear people say that their music wasn’t real music, but they decided to stay in their lane, and everyone started gravitating towards it.

Juicy J receives the new generation of rappers well because he feels like their music sounds influenced by Three 6 Mafia, and because the rap group received some of the same criticism back then.

Juicy also said he loves reaching out to other artists and helping them because he feels you can’t be a legend if you don’t reach out and pay it forward in the game.

When DJ Whoo Kid asked him if we’d ever see a collaboration between Juicy and Eminem, Juicy replied saying,

“I want to do a record with Eminem. Eminem is that legend. If Eminem and Juicy J do a record together, that would be some hot sh*t. I would actually like to go in and produce the beat make like a old Three Six Mafia type of beat.”

I’m here for this collaboration on some ’90s shhhhhh! Are you?