Juicy J Challenges Nas To A Battle And Hilarity Ensued!

Timbaland asked a simple question and Juicy J answered!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Why would Juicy J challenge Nas? There are a lot of battles swirling around in this Verzuz-social-media universe like KRS-One vs LL Cool J, but this one came out of nowhere. Today, Timbaland decides to throw out there to the fans, “who do you guys wanna see Battle next?“ And out the window jumps Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia fame saying him versus Nas. HUH?

Now there have been some mismatches but this is the biggest of all! First of all, these guys are completely different and their rap styles are even more different than they are as human beings. Second of all Nas is far more lyrical than Juicy J. Thirdly, Juicy J is dope, but he occupies a completely different space in the Crunk, Southern domination, and Tear Da Club Up world! I think he was just trolling when he said that but he’s trending on Twitter right now just because of it!

Can I get a day off?!

But as usual, the comments on social media did not disappoint! Check out some of the things that were said in the aftermath of Juicy J saying he wanted to be the next versus battle with Nas! LOL!

Some people took time to slander Nas…but did they inhale Covid and exhale hate?