Has Kanye Completely Lost It? Listen To His ALLEGED New Songs!


(AllHipHop Rumors) UHM. Are these new Kanye West songs real? I can’t lie, this sh!t is the most UNHOT sh!t Kanye has ever created. He’s even topped “Drunk Hot Girls” from back in the day. Anyway, I question if these songs are real or not. I believe they are some sort of creation from somebody, but they sound like real songs – REAL WACK SONGS.

“I be acting like I’m White.” OK. Now, a further listen seems like these might be actual reference tracks or something. Does that mean Kanye is using a ghost writer? Well, that’s nothing knew. He’s been getting help for the longest. ANYWAY. Listen and let me know what YOU THINK!

Kanye West ft. Migos & Young Thug – “Hold Tight”

This is advanced level trolling, people!

Here is the other one.