Kanye West Allegedly Working On New Music With Freddie Gibbs

Kanye West

Uh oh, Mr. West and Freddie Gibbs?!

It appears as though Kanye West has been in the lab, but what exactly is he working on? Well according to these Wifi streets, he’s allegedly creating new music with Freddie Gibbs.

West celebrated his 46th birthday last month. During his actual party, a photo of himself and Gangsta Gibbs started to circulate. This is where the rumors initially began swirling.

Keep in mind, Gibbs and Ye had some interesting dealings in the past. In 2016, producer Madlib gave both men a few beats. As the saying goes, great minds think alike—and they both chose the same beat.

It turned out Yeezy’s version ended up on the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “No More Parties in L.A.” from The Life of Pablo.

Gibbs offered his own rendition to the world via SoundCloud. Unfortunately, it was immediately yanked down, but West’s track stayed in heavy rotation.

In 2021, the Gary native popped up the with the same beat for “Cocaine Parties in L.A.” from the Piñata (Deluxe Edition). The track was again snatched down from most streaming platforms. Yeezus was not playing—allegedly.

Now it appears as though the two artists have made amends. On Tuesday (July 4), an interesting innuendo grew some legs after a Reddit post proclaimed “Ye has been working with Freddie Gibbs.”

Hitboy clip from recent Bootleg Kev intevriew- indicates that Ye wanted him to pull up to a studio session for a project Hitboy had placement on
byu/jonnypienutella inGoodAssSub

Hit-Boy later discussed the status of his current relationship with Kanye West. He professed, “I ain’t got no issues with him.” The veteran beatmaker verified something quite intriguing. When the issue of who he was working with arose, Hit-Boy affirmed the assertion.

“I heard Freddie’s [Gibbs] working with him right now,” the interviewer said, to which Hit-Boy agreed, “I seen—I heard about that.”