Kanye West and “LGBTQ Tekashi69” Rumors Sprout Up Amid Divorce Rumors!

Kanye West and Gay Tekashi

Kanye West has a new rumor and its not what you think!

It looks like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might not actually get divorced – YET.

The pair is reportedly in counseling with divorce still on the “table” but it may not be coming as rapidly as we initially thought. I do not know why, but I was hoping they would. Maybe, it is to see some semblance of the “old Kanye” in music. I know those times are gone, but its wishful thinking.

On the other side of things, there’s this weird undercurrent of rumor going on with Kanye West and this guy named Jeffree Starr. I never heard of a Jeffree Starr a day in my life until right now and it looks like this guy is some sort of LGBTQ version of Tekashi69. When I looked him up the Internet told me he is some sort of a beauty store that is rumored to be in a relationship with Kanye West. A few days ago he said he was  “ready for Sunday service.” This was a nod to the rumors and he continued to fuel them as well. So this rumor, which started on TicToc, continues to flourish because of people clout chasing. However, Jeffree store quickly had to re-cant and actually refute. The very rumor he fueled. Jeffree Star has an astounding 17 million subscribers on YouTube alone and has made references to Wyoming and other things close to Kanye West to make people believe there is something going on there.

But it doesn’t seem like they have even met! What next? Who knows! TMZ is reporting that Kanye and Kim are working on their marriage and are looking to fix things. I think this rumor will help him work to patch things up with Kim! Who wants this sort of rumors when they are married! Kim is now getting the affections of Black women worldwide at the moment. It seems like they relate to her struggle with a Black man. I find it an aberration that a woman who steals all her billionaire features from Black women then turns around and gets their pity-n-sympathy.

What a weird world we live in!!