Kanye And Meek Mill Start Flaming Each Other Over Social Justice

Depends who YOU are with this one! Do you rock with Meek or roll with Kanye?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Look at the landscape of the game. It is a mess! A whole shambles! I know “The Man” on high is looking at this circus like Ringling Brothers! I am the wolf though! I don’t do the circus, but I sure can watch. 


This really started way back when Kanye FIRST met with President Trump and Meek tried to talk him out of doing it. Well, not only did Kanye do it, but Yeezy decided to take ot to the next level and support the president in his run for re-election. He’s like his biggest supporter where people like Omarosa have fallen off. So, it has been pretty quiet, but it is now time to do strategic interviews and promote the album. 

And, Big Boy is the chosen one! He mentioned Meek and this is what Kanye Westworld said.


Now Meek didn’t exactly fire back but he did make a statement. Check out this and you tell me if he is talking about Kanye West.


I am going to go ahead and say that Meek is stating that Kanye is out there in his own world, without the support and respect of his peers. What do you think?

All of this makes me miss when Kanye and Amber Rose were drinking Henny on red carpets. Drink more and talk less!