Kanye West To Boycott The Grammys Over This Artist?


Well Queen Beyonce isn’t the only person Kanye West will go to war for!

Kanye announced at his recent Saint Pablo tour stop in Oakland, California that if Frank Ocean’s two albums “Endless” and “Blonde” aren’t nominated for a Grammy, then he will be boycotting the awards show.

West accuses The Grammys of bending the rules for artists like Lady Gaga, and he believes Ocean deserves the same treatment. Ye wants all artists to stand together when artists are being treated unfairly.

News hit earlier this month that Frank’s albums are ineligible for consideration for this year’s Grammy Awards because they weren’t submitted within the deadline. Honestly, I’m not sure that either should’ve been nominated quality wise, but that’s none of my business lol.

Here’s what Ye had to say at his show,

“I don’t know if any of y’all remember, I was supposed to go on tour with [Lady] Gaga. Like about, 6, 7 — a while back. I remember, it was something where she was nominated… She wasn’t nominated for best new artist, right? But they wanted her to perform at the show, they wanted her to open. So the Grammys secretly changed something about the nominations to nominate her in order for her to perform in the show.

Now, Frank Ocean on the other hand is very vocal wasn’t nominated for the Grammys. Since he’s vocal, no one wants to say nothing about it. No one wants to do nothing about it. I’m saying this to y’all, because a lot of people try to make a scene like, ‘I’m so self-centered.’ But the album I listened to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album. And I’ll tell you this right now: if his album’s not nominated in no categories, I’m not showing up to the Grammys. As artists, we gotta come together to fight the bullsh-t they been throwing us with. All we need is a fair shot. Let the album lose, let whoever win or lose. My whole point, my purpose, my existence, everything that people try to diss me for is based on just an instant replay plot. Imagine in sports they didn’t have no instant replay plot, and someone could step completely out of bounds.”