Is Kanye West Snitching On Drake And His Sexual Activities?

Kanye West is doing way too much and, its anybody’s guess, if he’s telling the truth!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye and Drake have a very interesting relationship, and I am not about to go into all of it right now. However, I think that it is suffice to say that they are not good friends. And this latest rant by Kanye West yields some rumors about Drake and who he’s laying down with. 

How much we believe about what Kanye has to say is anyone’s guess. He has been suggesting that Drake is tapping the booty of one Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian and others. No, when I first heard this rumor, I laughed. And I thought to myself, “What in the world would make Drake hit that?” He damn near threw up when he kissed Madonna! 

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But then when you look at some of the breadcrumbs around the situation, it starts to make sense. More than that, Kanye West has left enough STUFF for this rumor to take flight. First of all Kris Jenner lives very close to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but when you look at some of the aerials on the location of Drake’s house, you see he’s not very far from them location-wise. Drake has taken us lotta pictures with Kris Kardashian, but that does not mean that he’s crushing the cougar. It also does not mean he is not crushing the cougar! I know this is a silly childish and everything else goes back to Kanye West.

A couple of years ago Kanye West stated some things as well saying that he was trying to meet with Drake for months and also that he’s been texting and talking to Kris Jenner. “How you gone text Kriss [sic] but not speak to me,” tweeted West in 2018. “You sneak dissing on trav records and texting Kris talking bout how’s the family.” Just more ramblings, but hmmmmmm….

It just occurred to me that MediaTakeOut has already reported this a ways back. I bet Kanye looked at their report and took it as facts. Sad. Kris Jenner is around 65-years old and Drizzy is 33. Get it how you live!