Kanye West Will Get Last Laugh Over Kim Kardashian—If Social Media Gets Its Way

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Did Kim Kardashian really come this far just to make comments about her ex-husband?

Does Kim Kardashian’s “Embarrassment” of Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Censori prove Revenge is a dish best served cold? If Instagram, Twitter and TikTok users have any authority in the matter, it appears they would overwhelmingly agree that is the case.

Yeah, I know Kim already responded to the rumors that she wasn’t actually embarrassed by Kanye’s alleged wardrobe malfunction on a river boat in Italy—which exposed his bare ass whilst Bianca conveniently laid her head on his lap. But as the great Bay Area historian Mistah Fab would say, “if she look, she’s took,” and in this case, “if she responds, rent-free you live in her mind.”

To be honest, I would probably believe that Kim truly wasn’t bothered by Ye and his new wifey’s near-nude exploits had she remained buttoned up about it. Not to say that she should subscribe to a life of toxic solitude when it comes to matters concerning her ex-husband. However, it’s hard to fathom that Kim, in her heart of hearts, would say anything at all if she wasn’t somewhat displeased. After all, she didn’t “come this far just to come this far and not be happy,” right? My theory is Kim is saving face right now. She was definitely on her high horse just a few weeks back as she gave a faux performance of the soundbite from her TV show KUWTK, which made it to Drake’s “Search & Rescue” single to Bad Bunny at Drizzy’s recent LA show.

Knowing damn well that’s her ex-husband’s op—whom he infamously accused her of cheating on him with. Call it karma or tragic irony, but it’s almost like the universe is serving Kim a healthy helping of humble pie with the tagline; just eats! And to be honest, how social media has responded to the entire saga makes me further believe this whole moment is a bit of an egotrip for Kim. The fact that media outlets published literal min-docs outlining Kim’s faux desperation and worry in regards to Kanye is telling.

I really think Kim got tired of seeing the sob stories and her PR time decided to pull the ultimate spin doctor move on the media cycle. Here’s the kicker, though; Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are now beating her algorithm’s ass with thousands of posts of Biancia’s modeling archive photos and thirst traps. Is it a coincidence that Kim denounces any allusion to her jealousy of Kanye and Bianca just as millions of accounts are salivating over how good Ye’s new boo looks?

Maybe, maybe not.

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