Kanye West Taps Julia Fox for ‘Evolved’ & ‘Open Relationship?’

kanye west and julia fox

The evolution of Kanye West is now.

Kanye West and Julia Fox are officially an item. In fact, on New Year’s Eve 2021, the pair first comes out. Soon, they emphatically announce their status. Thus, the pair continues to create headlines. In fact, the dynamic duo are in an “evolved” and “open relationship,” this according to Page Six.

Moreover, the candid publication exclusively reveals even more of the salacious details. Initially, a well-connected source dishes on the married musician’s unconventional arrangement. Next, one of Fox’s faux-friendlies expresses, “Their bond transcends typical norms because they’re evolved beings.”

Additionally, this strategic individual includes they, “just want each other to be happy.” Above all, this giving source admits, “There is no jealousy or bad vibes.” So, it appears as though Yeezy is enjoying a thriving partnership.

Recently, the avant-garde artist is sporting around Chaney Jones. Soon, an additional source spills more of that Yeezy tea. Indeed, this particular insider claims the cultural icon is “openly seeing” the Kim Kardashian clone.

In like fashion, Ms. Fox is living her best life. Besides, bonding with the innovative MC, Julia is busy. Another insider claims, the Uncut Gems actress has a secret lover. So, the emerging brunet is “talking to” someone that is located on the Left coast.

Ultimately, it appears as though this taboo pairing is serving both Julia Fox and Kanye West. Do enjoy.