Katt Williams Attacks Man, Gets Stomped Out In Philly

Does Katt Need Help?

The story of Katt Williams is getting stranger and stranger, especially if you maintain he does not do drugs. Throwing this out there early – his girlfriend maintains the extremely funny comic does NOT do drugs. That said, Katt was recorded over he weekend attacking a man, seemingly out of nowhere. He was subsequently pummeled and stomped OUT. Now Katt is the man, but this warrants some explanation. Katt has also stated that he did not get robbed after he was stomped on. All of this allegedly happened at a Beanie Sigel concert.

Here is Katt allegedly jumping on a man in full attack mode.

And here is him getting stomped on, allegedly.

And here is some very odd behavior some have described as “Crack-ish,” which is a dope name for a show.

What do you think of this? I’m not sure anymore. But he sure acts like the dude on the corner.
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