Kendrick Lamar’s Crown Cost More Than A Lambo

Kendrick Lamar album art

Kendrick Lamar pushed the boundaries of artistry in rap with a diamond encrusted crown of thorns like Jesus. Check out the details on the crown, including the rumored cost.

A lot was made of the Glastonbury performance of Kendrick Lamar. First of all, we realize that bro is a good dude. He seems to be a great human being. He stood up sturdy for women’s rights in the ashes of Roe V. Wade. If you are clueless, Roe V. Wade being overturned essentially says abortions are illegal on a federal level. On a state to state level, it may not be illegal. New York is already expecting an influx of people come in from out of state and Plan B “the abortion pill” is seeing a rise in sales. All of this is sad.

A lot was made of Kendrick’s statement. This all culminated in the finale of the performance, a song called Savior. Kendrick yelled, “they judge you, they judge Christ. Godspeed for women’s rights! “

So, when Kendrick wore a crown of thorns, many thought it was just a crown of thorns. No. It was actually a diamond encrusted crown of thorns. According to reports, the crown actually yielded 8,000 diamonds. It was made by Tiffany & Co. and cost a reported $200,000. Some of this is speculative, but that seems to be the prevailing notion. Also, the crown of thorns features 50 thorns in total, all of which are very sharp.

Obviously, Dave Free, the jeweler who created the thorny crown, knew what he was doing. He knew that Kendrick wanted to invoke the name of Jesus and even the blood, which was portrayed in that amazing performance at Glastonbury.

It took 10 months to create this thing. All 137 carats! According to reports it also took 1,300 work hours and numerous other people to make it happen. When I saw this on the cover of Kendrick‘s album, I didn’t realize it was diamond encrusted. Anyway, we need more artistry like this. Hip-Hop is an art but we are regulated to booty shaking and clapping guns for too much. People can do what they want to do, but I just prefer a little bit more intellect in my heart.

Here’s the performance.

On second thought, check out Kendrick’s performance at the Louie V fashion show. LOL! Some of this is ridiculous, all in the name of fashion.