Kendrick Lamar Drunkenly Begs Lil’ Wayne Not To Retire!


It looks like the members of the Hip Hop & R&B communities really don’t want to experience the void that will be left if Lil’ Wayne does in fact retire right now.

Chris Brown and Drake spoke out expressing their desire for Weezy to keep going, and now Kendrick Lamar has decided to weigh in on the situation as well.

K. Dot uploaded a video rapping along to Wayne’s ‘500 Degreez’ album as well as some of the songs from the New Orleans rapper’s Hot Boyz days.

After the rap session, Kendrick seemed to shut down all talk of Lil’ Wayne quitting as he said,

“N***as talking about retiring and sh-t. F**k that! Retire, quitting rap, whatever you wanna call it, n***a. F**k that, n***a. I’m in the motherf**kin’ studio, n***a, doing motherf**king features, n***a. I seen you, 2007, 2008, I seen you knock out 10 motherf**king features in a row, back to back, n*gga. F**k you talking bout, boy? This motherf**ker, man. No, n**ga. No! No! No! No!”

Wayne recently took to Twitter to express that he would soon be retiring as he feels both defeated and defenseless.

Naturally the rapper experienced an outpour of support from both artists (Nicki Minaj, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, and Chris Brown) and fans alike.

Although Kendrick did seem a little bit drunk in his plea, he spoke nothing short of the truth as he encouraged Wayne to reconsider his decision to exit the rap game. Don’t quit yet Wayne!