Disgraced L.A. Councilman Rumbles With Rival At Kids Christmas Party!

Kevin de Leon brawl

Kevin de León‘s political career may be over. If being racist and being booed at city council meetings wasn’t enough, he brawled at a Christmas party for kids!

Los Angeles city council member Kevin de León can kiss the political game goodbye. In October, he was outed as a racist. On Friday (Dec. 9), he was seen fighting at a holiday event in Lincoln Heights.

To make matters worse, there were children present. They just wanted early Christmas presents and saw the councilman testing his hand skills instead.

In the video, struggles with a man, which made de León’s Santa hat go flying like Bobby Shmurda’s Knicks hat in the “Hot N***a” video. 

de León would later tell ABC News that the video doesn’t show how he was antagonized and headbutted before grabbing the man. Another staff member was also elbowed in the face.

Despite having to unbutton his pink shirt, he maintained that sly hair look that most politicians have when they are on camera.

“What the video doesn’t capture, most conveniently, is he thrusted his pelvis into me, and then he head-butted me right into the head,” de León said. “When he head-butted me is when I grabbed him and put him on the table – I held him on the table there for maybe five to 10 seconds.

“Then at that moment I let him go. Another melee ensued. He turned the corner, he threw a punch at me – a full blown punch, hit me right in the face, he explained.

The man in question was later identified as Jason Reedy. His lawyer called the councilman a disgrace. He also suggested that de León has lost all political legitimacy.

Notably, before the holiday event debacle, de León attended his first council meeting since October. There was a mixed reaction as some colleagues embraced him while others left. 

Their echoed calls for his resignation didn’t go unnoticed. Although a police report was filed for the fight, no one was charged. 

Could this incident be the final nail in his political coffin?