Kevin Gates Goes Bald For A Good Cause


We have to say it’s nice to see a different side of Kevin Gates from time to time. Often times he loses us with some of his antics.

The rapper is both troubled and talented, and as a result sees much criticism from day-to-day on social media. So much sometimes, it seems to overshadow his music every now and then.

As you know, Gates doesn’t care the least bit about pleasing folks or about what his critics may think of him. The Louisiana rapper literally just goes with what speaks to him. With that said, it’s good to see him using his celebrity for a good cause!

Fans were wondering what made Gates recently decide to shave all of his hair off.

As it turns out, the new bald look wasn’t for a music video or movie role etc; he decided to cut his hair for support and encouragement for a patient in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who has been teased for losing his hair as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.

Kevin posted a video to Instagram explaining,

“My little partner, he’s in the Make-A-Wish Foundation but he say they be teasing him because he got a bald head. So now I got a bald head, so when they tease you, they tease me,” he said.

We have to say we are proud of Gates for this moment.