Kevin McCall Claims Karrueche’s Crew Pulled A Gun On Him!


Singer/rapper Kevin McCall doesn’t seem too stable lately in regards to his recent feuds with former friend and collaborator equally crazy Chris Brown. McCall and Brown have been beefing on social media for some time now, and every time it seems like the beef is dying down, it’s reignited. McCall has been taunting both Chris Brown and Karrueche by admitting to having a crush on Karrueche and seemingly hinting that there may have been a little something going on between them in the past. Now Kevin has accused Karrueche of setting him up as he claims her crew pulled a gun on him. He also says that if he retaliates at this point, it will be self defense. Do you think Karrueche’s crew would’ve had anything to do with this, or is McCall delusional?