KHIA’S KALL-OUTS #2: On Miss Rap Supreme & Ms. Cherry…

DISCLAIMER: All content within Khia’s blog is strictly her opinion. Whatever is written here does not  reflect the views of illseed, and its staff. Besides editing for length, clarity and censoring curses, these are all Khia’s words.  Read on.Guess who’s in the hot seat this week? The whole cast on Miss Rap Supreme, well […]



content within Khia’s blog is strictly her opinion. Whatever is written

here does not  reflect the views of illseed, and its

staff. Besides editing for length, clarity and censoring curses, these

are all Khia’s words.  Read on.Guess who’s in the hot seat this week? The whole cast on Miss Rap Supreme, well if that’s what you wanna call it, the Femcees of Miss Rap Supreme. MC Serch [is] included because he’s a b***h too!!! Y’all seen dat fish hatin from the start. A BONIFIED HATER, him and Yo-Yo!Nowwwwwww! Yall knew it was some undercover hatin going on from the start! I mean, come on… We all know that I am Miss Rap Supreme!!! There was no competition in the house whatsoever PERIOD case closed CASKET DROPPED!First of all, there was nothing but a bunch of crackheads, w##### and undercover bull-daggers in the house! Much love to Nicky2States and Rese Steele, the only two real b***hes in the house and Byata… Byata was cool!!! Now, back to what I a was saying… How in the hell is two clown muthaf***as gone judge me, when I outsold them? Just tell me that!!! I outsold and outshined everybody in the house including the judges… That’s why they were hating!!! Serch hating ass… Talking about obscurity and oblivion… He must have been talking about himself!!!!  Because no one remembers “The Gas Face” and I am sure everyone remembers my MEGA HIT… “MY Neck, My Back”. There’s not many artist, male or female that’s had a MEGA hit!  They’re still fishing for it and I caught my fish the first throw!!!!!! Salmon….Pleeeeeeease!I am Miss Rap Supreme!!!! The Queen of this s**t because I hustle and grind and I’m still climbing past the top. Not forgetting who I am or where I came from!!!!!! I want to help free the ghetto, not run from it, leaving my people behind!!!! Hoes be real!!! I’m just too real for you b***hes!!! Not Hollywood, I made it out my hood! I represent struggle and success!!! By any means NECESSARY!Cheating… No B-I-T-C-H!!!! Checkmate!!! Yessssss!!! Y’all b***hes still don’t get it? Is that the short bus I hear blowing outside???? PROMOTION. Full promotion of my s**t! VH1 put my face in millions of homes! I used VH1 to promote myself and my music!!! What part of that don’t you people understand? That was my plan from the beginning, not cheating but winning (stupid muthaf***as) The joke is on y’all, AGAIN! I never intended on following the rules. Neva have, I make the rules. I am the boss. My mission…accomplished! Y’all b***hes is so DELAYED!  PROMOTION! That’s why I was on the show!!! I got you b***hes talking and promoting… TEAM KHIAAA!!! All I hear coming out you b***hes mouths is “KHIA!” All while giving my fans the opportunity to see me shine! Even though, most of you b***hes are blind, dumb, numb and full of CUMMMMMMM!!! I’m Hata Walkin on you hoes!!!!!!! But my real soldiers feel me!!!! Love it or hate it… It’s still promotion!!!! People wanna see the Queen!!!! They all tuned into VH1 to see MEEEEEEEE! Y’all b***hes was stupid for sending me home! Because now there’s no reason to see the show! Come on, y’all didn’t see my acting skills? GENIUS! The stage was set! I walked into elimination! RESPECT ME big as day, in black and white on the wall!!!!Message#1- Next…Yo Yo said rap a 16 about ladies and respect……Alarm went off!!!!!Message#2- I heard Serch say, “Don’t rap something that has been pre-written…” I laughed to myself, walking to the back and pretending to be writing…I’m such an actress! LOL! Now don’t get me wrong, the tears for my mom were real! I shined for my girl and made her proud…for millions to feel and it wasn’t cheating, everything was going as planned. That’s right people, I planned on roasting that w#### and trust me they all got the message! I was going home with a bang, patting myself on the back, mission accomplished. Perfect exit! Then this fool gonna try and critique me. Talkin bout I didn’t spit no 16. Master P should’ve been the judge! He’s the real LEGEND! He gave me hope and inspiration and I am sure he would’ve understood my 16. Serch ain’t from the south, Serch ain’t black and Serch aint hood. Serch represents that ugly ass suit he had on! LOL! They had Serch and Yo-Yo lookin like a fool dictating their every word. But I ran my own show! So for all y’all otha slow muthaf***as that didn’t get it…let me explain it to you! We got our own swag and style of flow in the south! That’s what makes our music real and that’s why we stand out as artists and that’s why Serch dumb ass never had a hit or a fan base! Something that I have! Check Myspace! Independently made! With NO major record deal!And Miss Yo-Yo… What has she done? How in the hellllll she gonna say that I viciously attacked MR. (GOAT MOUTH) CHERRY. LOL! How I was looked upon as a leader? B***h, I still am… And for the record, leader’s put b***hes in they place when they out of line! Nowwwwww. If I had viciously attacked that TROLL, there would have been BLOOD SHED… My intention was to slide that hoe underneath that refrigerator! So noooooooo, I didn’t viciously attack that b***h… I verbally assaulted that hoe!! She is a hater, so I Hata Walked on that hoe and that’s what she needed! She needed to be checked and chastised for disrespecting the QUEEN!So did you and SERCH, that’s why I started off with you two b***hes and then I took it TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT and checked that b***h!! One hit wonder that hoe. Now I wonder how you gone recover from that blow! LOL!!! And to keep it all the way real, the song went to all them hating ass hoes in that house hating on the QUEEN…and they felt it! Y’all b***hes couldn’t take it and conspired on sending the Queen home! Talkin bout I’m disqualified. All them b***hes need to be disqualified!!! Cuz they all was rappin pre-written s**t. It’s just that they pre-written s**t wasn’t bout s**t and neva sold s**t and they ain’t gone be S**T! LOL! Yeah, that’s one thang Yo Yo got right! (If we were asking for a hook, she would have NAILED it). Yeah b***h, I write hooks, hits, that stick like grits! Freestyling is for free, get like me! I’m here to entertain. Weren’t y’all entertained? Now that I am gone, my name still lives on. When you think of Miss Rap Supreme, you think of ME! Thank you VH1 for all the freeeeeeee PROMOTION!!!!!! No, no…wait a minute. They had to pay me. ASCAP will continue to pay me, every time the show airs for years to come. Just like “My Neck, My Back” will be played for years to come!  [Khia “Be Your Lady”]I’m a Smart, Beautiful, Talented, Black Queen that makes BOSS moves! And I check hoes when they need to be checked! Damn right I am Confident, Bold, and the truth will be told!!! MR. CHERRY was hating and I checked that b***h!! What has she done or accomplished? Nothing! Talkin bout check her record! So guess what… I DID and wasn’t s**t there!!! So now b***h!!! Check mine, betta yet buy the GANGSTRESS album. See the cover? That’s my record, B***H!!!! You already know. You a fan. I know you was just putting on for TV. But they gonna see. After I checked you, you simmered your ass down!!! I’ma spare you hoe! You gotta cute lil boy though. Now all you have to do is…find your baby DADDY!!! Cuz T- Pain said…HE IS NOT THE FATHER! You betta call Maury! I can’t see how he could be the father. He said that he’s not gay! So there is no way he could have had a baby from a MAN! Take that red Twizzler out your head and tighten up that Invisalign, Bucket mouth B***H! T-Pain is married with two beautiful children! Putting all them fake pictures on your MySpace! Where is the one where T-Pain holding his so-called son? There is none… B***h, get a family portrait! We want pictures of him holding the baby before you go hollering bout that’s your Baby Daddy! Why he didn’t have Lil Bankhead while you was on the show? Kick rocks trick!!! You gets no more promotion! Love you T-Pain and Mrs. T-Pain… I got you boo-boo. Hoes out here tryna claim your husband and trap him with a baby! Y’all w##### ain’t bout s**t!  I wrote a song… It’s Whateva just for you!!!! Nasti Muzik 08. Tune in next week to see who’s in the hot seat! TEAM KHIAAAAAAAAAA! GOOOOOOOOO!!