KHIA’S KALL-OUTS #3: Hoes Making it Hard

DISCLAIMER: All content within Khia’s blog is strictly her opinion. Whatever is written here does not  reflect the views of illseed, and its staff. Besides editing for length, clarity and censoring curses, these are all Khia’s words.  Read on.This week in the HOT SEAT…W#####!!!!!!! F***ing It Up For Real Queens Like Me!!!Nowwwwww! Since ya’ll […]



content within Khia’s blog is strictly her opinion. Whatever is written

here does not  reflect the views of illseed, and its

staff. Besides editing for length, clarity and censoring curses, these

are all Khia’s words.  Read on.This week in the HOT SEAT…W#####!!!!!!! F***ing It Up For Real Queens Like Me!!!Nowwwwww! Since ya’ll love saying F**K Khia…Why is it that ya’ll let me keep cummmmming alllll down ya’ll face? So yes…We all looooove  to F**K…Khia!!! YESSSSSS! Nasti Muzik 08.Now!!! Why is it always F-*-&-K Khia? Is it because I am all NATURAL? Is it because I work hard for mine and I didn’t have to f**k and suck to get where I am at? Like other w##### we know?  Or…is it because I am just too BLACK for ya’ll B***HES???? Ya’ll still stuck on [these] high yellow hoes dats killing ya’ll slooooowly! [These] hoes been on the strippa pole since they were 9 years old….Oops I know, we know and dey know…she get it from her MAMMIE…Bull-dagging ass hoe….Nowwww!!!!!!!Since we are talking about w#####….Cuz ya’ll hoes ain’t got no dirt on me! Why is [it] that w##### get all the praise and Queens get looked down upon? Why is it that y’all don’t respect a b***h with nappy hair but ya’ll praise a b***h with fake hair, face paint and an injected ASS?? LOL!!!  Wake up B***HES…Ya’ll will got to bat for a sneaky, lying, conniving, money hungry, baby plotting trapping ass hoe before going to bat for a Queen??? Know the difference… Some of us like staying home cooking hot meals, f***ing our Kings and watching the game on Sunday. Some of us don’t wanna be “SINGLE AGAIN” and Back on the Prowl. Know the difference. Cuz I am sick of dem hoes making it bad for real Queens like me!!!DAMN RIGHT I’M MAD…… All these d**k swallowing, nut bucket ass hoes walking around like they supposed to get all the praise! Got young girls thinking it’s cool to be fake and f**k and suck n****s to be respected. Plotting to have children with n****s for the jackpot like…MISTA CHERRY!!! Lying, talking about T-Pain is her Baby Daddy… That b***h took a condom out the garbage and squirted a turkey baster up her ass try’na trap T-Pain!!! Ohhhhh…. Ya’ll didn’t know dem hoes do that? These hoes is SCANDALOUS. Did we ask her who her baby daddy was? Why is she hollering all around town T- Pain is her baby daddy and we didn’t even ask her for that information? If it was all about the baby and not the money, we wouldn’t even known who the baby daddy was…Lil Bankhead!!!This is a case of “Trap the man for child SUPPORT.” Get a BLOOD test T- Pain!!! Cuz I know and we know and MISTA CHERRY know dat T-Pain is NOT the FATHER!!! From now on; you f**k a b***h with an ass like Deleeshis—Sign your death certificate!!! All these w##### is doing is thinking about an investment and the next d**k that they can c## up off of…Ask Diamond… How in the hell she gonna try and divorce that King after a year of marriage trying to get some alimony? Girl you ain’t in America! Dey gonna hang your ass over in Africa!!!! After that lavish wedding you had… What is your reason for divorcing the KING? B***h…you ain’t getting half! You gone be back at the Playa’s Club with Trina!!! I told ya’ll we talking about the high-yellow ass hoes!  Nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ms. Nivea………  Maybe I can help you loose a few pounds. It seemed to work for Trina!!!! Gurrrrrrl ain’t you married? After-birth ain’t out your ass and you still chasing after my man… Go back home to your husband and your newborn baby. You ain’t been married two years and now you wanna holla you getting a divorce!!! You ain’t divorced yet b***h…so go hooooome!!! Gurrrrrl you didn’t love dat man…. You done had that man’s baby and now you think you got some security. He ain’t gone write you no more songs hoe!!! This is the case of, “Trap your producer with a baby, marriage=child support + alimony!” Sick of these hoes making it bad for real Queens like me! It’s okay baby. I ain’t mad/ Sew your royal oats. And for you w#####, for the record, everything that ya’ll teach him…he c### home and performs it on me!And Ms. Kim…the wannabe so innocent hoe that f**ked and sucked Ray-J good and put that sex tape out on purpose…she wanted y’all to see her suck dat d**k. SCANDOLOUS HOES. That’s what hoes do to get famous! She went and got some ass shots and now she‘s a super HOE star… Y’all call me black and ugly? How can you put BLACK and UGLY in the same sentence and these w##### is steady taking our BLACK KINGS? What has she done besides…suck a d**k…and she get REGGIE. I want me a football player. Reggie, call me baby… Ohh I forgot… It’s ALL WAYNE’S! I love my BLACK KINGS!! Don’t ya’ll get it? Black is beautiful but you black b***hes don’t seem to get that! I’m soooo glad that the white b***hes do!!! Dats a muthaf***in damn shame! Why is it all about the looks and not about the music? Ya’ll punks don’t know the difference between classy and nasty!! I’m 100% real B***H and Queen’s t###### hang cuz we birth future KINGS…..I love my sags and curves cuz they represent the struggle I overcame! I can buy me a push-up bra but how dem hoes gonna fix dey face back? How dem hoes gone get they hearing back after listening to all dem lies dat them record companies been telling them?? Album ain’t came out yet! LMAO!!! How dem hoes gonna get dey ass back dat has been deflated? How dem hoes look when dey take dem painted masks off? How dem hoes hair look when dey take dat weave out? Perms….. Burning dey scalp… Bald-head B***H! LMAO!How dare ya’ll look down on a black woman’s beauty!  I thought this was about talent and music and you b***hes is still on appearances and illusions!!!! Dats why I keep my foot in dese B***hes necks!! Cuz I never will respect a w#### who thinks that because she has a PhD in d**k sucking that she’s better than me!!! F**king it up for other Queens who are working and grinding hard like me!!! I’m SICK OF IT!!! A b***h like Supahead can f**k up homes, write a book and be glorified???  People just look at reality and don’t let dese Hoes fool ya!! Enough is enough now….. I want our men to know that all women aren’t c## guzzler’s and try’na trap dem with a baby and child support! Men need a Queen like me who is real and gonna be down for them.  Dey need a Queen that knows her position as a strong black woman and wants to be there to support and uplift their man! Everybody don’t f**k dey boyfriend’s daddy! Everybody don’t be running around with their best friend’s man while she is at home with the newborn baby… Nicole, I will help you BEAT that B***H’s  ass!!! Sick of dese hoes!!!!!!!I WANNA BE YO LADY BABY….I WANNA LICK DA RAPPER….LOLLIPOP REMIX NASTI MUZIK 08.…..IT GETS JUICIER!!!!! THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE….WEREN’T YOU ENTERTAINED??? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK…. SO I CAN C## ALL OVA YO FACE AGAIN!!!!!!!! QUEENS RULE!!!!