Kid Capri Claims Kendrick Lamar Has A Gang Of Unreleased Leftovers


(AllHipHop Rumors) Although we didn’t get the back-to-back release with the rumored ‘Nation’ album, there still may be more new music from Kendrick Lamar on the way!

The legendary DJ Kid Capri makes an appearance on K. Dot’s ‘Damn’ album on both “Element” and “Love”. He also gives us a few more opening scratches on “XXX” as well.

Kid Capri recently sat down with Mass Appeal to discuss his role as the narrator on Kendrick Lamar’s “brilliant” album!

Kid explains that he refused to listen to the album until it was completely done, so he heard it for the first time just like the rest of us. He also expressed his excitement over K. Dot not “over doing” it with him allowing the album to be a great and authentic blend of the east and west coast.

The most intriguing reveal from Kid Capri was the fact that Kendrick has a lot of leftover tracks that didn’t make the cut, and they could be used for later material.

“I think they’ve got some more stuff—there are some more things—coming out later, but for right now, that’s what happened.

Yes, absolutely. There’s a gang of stuff that hasn’t been used yet. That’s why I said I think he’s doing something later on, or he might be doing something for his show, but there’s a lot of stuff that I put out there.”

Mannnnnn I would love to see Kendrick drop some bonus tracks randomly. Kid Capri also stated that Kendrick may go on tour with the album, and if he does, Capri may just join him! Hmmmmm we may see Kendrick debut some of the extra music out on tour also!