Killah Chuck Schumer Calls Out Logan Paul And KSI Over Energy Drink!

Looks like Logan Paul and KSI are in the crosshairs of one Killah Chuck Schumer for their high-powered energy drink!

Aw shoot! Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer ain’t messing around, folks. He’s calling out YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI for their energy drink shenanigans. Schumer aka Killah Chuck hit the FDA to investigate their drink PRIME Energy, claiming it’s loaded with an “eye-popping” amount of caffeine and targeting kids with social media marketing.

Let’s break it down. This PRIME Energy drink packs a whopping 200 milligrams of caffeine. That’s like chugging down more than two cups of joe or slamming back about six cans of Coca-Cola, or even 2.5 cans of Red Bull. Dr. Ran Goldman, a pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at the University of British Columbia, says that’s way too much for a child. In fact, kids shouldn’t be touching caffeine, period.

Why? Well, even a tiny dose of caffeine can wreak havoc on a kid’s system. It can unleash anxiety, make them jittery, kill their appetite, and mess with their heart rate and blood pressure. Too much caffeine can lead to a full-blown overdose. Overdosing equals seizures, messes up heart rhythms, and sends them to a coma or the grave.

Now, let’s talk about Paul and KSI! They are the masterminds behind this PRIME madness! First of all, I am writing about this so this is what that want: PRESS! Secondly, I thought they were rivals! These dudes dropped their beverage brand last year and started off with PRIME Hydration, a sports drink sans caffeine. Respect, fellas. But then, in January, they unleashed PRIME Energy on the unsuspecting masses. And guess what? It’s packing roughly the same caffeine punch as other popular energy drinks like 5-hour Energy.

Schumer is calling out the marketing tactics of Paul and KSI, saying it’s directly aimed at kids under 18. Stay woke, my friends!

Here’s there second fight!