Kodak Black Is Under Fire For “Light Skin” Preference


(AllHipHop Rumors) Another day, another Kodak stunt!

Hell hath no fury like a black woman scorned! LOL.

Florida rapper Kodak Black has upset black women by admitting that he preferred light skin black women over dark skin ones.

Black took to Instagram to express and defend his comments, and let’s just say social media let his azz HAVE IT!

“I Love Black African American Women Its Just Not My Forte To Deal With A “DARKSKIN” Woman I Prefer Them To Have A Lighter Complexion Than Me #MyPreference #F-ckYou,” said Kodak

Apparently it all started when Kodak Black said he wouldn’t date a “Keke Palmer“, but he would actually date women that aren’t even black like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Cardi B. So it seems like not only does Kodak not like dark skin black women, but he may not prefer black women at all.

I mean you like what you like, but it’s a bit controversial when you start putting down another group. Maybe he should’ve just kept his mouth closed.

Is it okay to have preference, or does it sound like Kodak has been brainwashed into thinking that light women are more beautiful?

Well, people wasted no time reminding Kodak that he is dark, and telling him he is unattractive. #Irony.


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