Kodak Black Thinks He & This Singer Could Be The Next Jay Z & Beyonce!


(AllHipHop Rumors) They say the power of imagination makes us infinite!

I hate to break it to Kodak Black like this, but it ain’t gonna happen!

Kodak Black is out here trying to shoot his shot at Ariana Grande! Someone get Mac Miller on the phone. LOL!

Get this, Kodak believes that if Ariana gives him a shot, he and Ari can be the next Jay Z and Beyonce. Boy if you don’t…..

While many are fed up with Kodak Black and his antics, there are others who love him for them. Remember this is the same guy that exposed the net when he dropped his phone in the shower, and when he IG live-streamed an orgy.

While Grande likes herself a rapper or two, Kodak Black wouldn’t exactly be her type. Now she’d definitely go for a Drake!

Who would be a more practical singer for Kodak to shoot his shot with?!