Kodak Black Wants His Baby Mama Punished Over Her “Broke Lies”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Kodak Black is still not here for his baby mama!

According to the 19-year-old rapper, his baby mama has been telling some pretty big lies during their child support and custody case.

Kodak Black doesn’t believe his baby mama, Jammier Broomfield, is as poor as she claims, and because of her poverty lies, he wants her punished in their custody battle over their son King Khalid.

According to Bossip, Black filed a motion last month to slap sanctions on Broomfield for perjury and knowingly providing false information after the 19-year-old mom claimed that she was unemployed and too broke to pay her less than $300 filing fees. Broomfield also requested that Black pay her emergency child support and all of her legal bills.

Bossip has also learned via Kodak’s camp that Broomfield financial status has been questioned after she quit her job and leased a BMW in the same month.

Broomfield’s lawyers have been clapping back claiming that she can’t keep a job because she can’t afford daycare, and has been living with her parents after she dropped out of high school. Her lawyers are also claiming that Kodak doesn’t pay his child support consistently, but Kodak has clapped back with some receipts from this year.

What’s crazy is, whether or not this woman is lying about her financial troubles, she’ll probably still be victorious in the case because of Kodak’s recent criminal charges and various run-ins with the law.

All of this could’ve been avoided had someone wrapped it up. LOL.