Kodak Black Flies Girl Out, But Allegedly Doesn’t Feed Her

Kodak Black

Kodak Black is not playing any games with these chicks out here.

Personally, I don’t know the rules of dating these days. I do not know if there are rules at all. Truthfully, speaking, I think the new generation is screwed when it comes to getting to know somebody, dating, and so on and so forth. If you throw a rapper in the mix, that’s going to only go downhill really fast. There’s already an inequity in income, power, and expectation. If a regular guy flies you somewhere, he’s expecting sex. If a regular guy pays for everything, he’s expecting six. If a rapper flies, well, you better believe you’re having sex or you’re on the next thing smoking. As a relates to Kodak Black, a rapper who has had a number of sexual assault allegations against him, you better believe it’s going to get spicy extremely fast.

Kodak Black allegedly flew out some girl, but refused to feed her when they got to their destination. There is a 45 second clip of a conversation floating around the Internet. In that, it is a girl and someone purported to be Kodak Black, having an argument. In the brief conversation, the girl is explaining that she is hungry and questions why he flew her out if she wasn’t going to be fed. And the person in the video offers up some barbecue from the house apparently. But, she says she didn’t want that because it was probably leftovers from the night before.

This is ridiculous. It sure sounds like somebody named Kodak Black, but I don’t know. if you’re going to see Kodak Black, you might want to just deal with whatever it is that is to come. By the way, this is not advocating for any sort of sexual assault or impropriety. But, you get what you get. Seriously, though, there should be a baseline amount of respect for anybody you “flew out.” And, the baseline situation calls for basic respect. Kodak Black is rich! He’s got a lot of money and it doesn’t seem too much to spend a couple of dollars on food. Get Popeye’s! I’m sure this chick thought she was about to get the queen treatment. But, she should know better. If she’s not a groupie, she still a groupie to him.

Anyway, this is a small snap shot of their interaction. Let’s hope she got fed and let’s hope she was safe.