Kodak Black’s Baby Mama Claims She’s To Poor To Fight In Custody Battle


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s harder out here for folks than people realize sometimes.

Apparently Kodak Black’s baby mama said she can’t even afford to fight him in their custody battle over their two-year-old son.

According to BOSSIP, Jammiah Broomfield filed an “affidavit of indigency” in Broward County Family Court March 22, saying she was flat broke, unemployed and wouldn’t be able to fight Kodak Black in court over custody of their son King Khalid unless he steps up and pays her legal fees.

The situation has gotten so bad that Kodak’s baby mama is also asking Kodak Black to pay her temporary emergency child support until she gets her life back on track.

Kodak Black took Broomfield to court last year so that he could spend more time and have more access to his son.

With all of Kodak’s arrests, sexual assault charges, and live-streaming of orgies, I don’t think he’s a fit parent either! The mother may not be financially stable, but it sounds like the judge needs to grant her custody. LOL.

Kodak’s lawyer, Raven Ramona Liberty, informed BOSSIP that Broomfield uses the baby as her own cash machine, demanding money from Kodak Black every time he wants to see the child.

The lawyer also said that Kodak didn’t find out he was the father until the baby was a year old. In the state of Florida, a parent is entitled to 50/50 custody, and of course one parent can’t be forced to pay the other just to get to see the child.

Man I hate that it’s gotten this bad for the mom, but this is why it’s always good to have your own money too. We’ll see how this plays out.