Kurupt & Daz Dillinger Say Tupac Would Think Today’s Rap Is Corny!


This week marks 20 years since the passing of the late, great Tupac Shakur, and 20 years later, conspiracy theories that he’s still alive still carry on.

People often wonder what Pac would think of today’s rap game, and TMZ’s Racquel sat down with Kurupt & Daz Dillinger for her Raq Rants to get their opinion on how Pac might feel if he was still alive today.

Raq asked Daz and Kurupt their feelings on rappers wearing skinny jeans, nail polish, and dresses.

Daz and Kurupt said it isn’t exactly for them, but that doesn’t change how they feel about a certain rapper’s music.

Daz & Kurupt say they like Young Thug’s music, but he just can’t come around them with a dress on.

They also gave an example of Frank Ocean’s sexuality not influencing how they felt about him or his music.

While they don’t have any problems with the gay community, they don’t believe that a gay rapper would be accepted today.

The best part of the interview was the two rappers speaking on Tupac’s legacy.

According to Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, Tupac would think today’s Hip Hop is corny. They think Pac would be speaking out against today’s Hip Hop in an aggressive way. They said folks would also be getting beat up! Pac would get these wack rappers together!

It was nice to hear them speak on Tupac improving and influencing their work ethic.