Kwame Brown Sons Hassan Campbell – Grown Man Debate!

Kwame Brown Hassan Campbell

Kwame Brown and Hassan Campbell go at it like they are in a debate!

This was amazing.

It started out good, but it got weird really fast. These dudes are basically the same person on two sides of the same coin. Even though I don’t know a lot about either, the impression I got is that they are both concerned with the Black community, young people in particular, call out the ills of said community and beef with a lot of people in the mainstream. They even agree on some things, true or false, about celebs like C Tha God. You would think they would get on a live chat and agree. They didn’t.

When Hassan apologized up front, I thought they would find a common ground. Kwame Brown basically said he glorifying being gangsta, but Hassan pushed back on it. But, I think the key difference is that Kwame was a rich man at a young age and Hassan was in jail. But Kwame Brown broke it down over the “Rock Ni99as Snot Box” mantra that Hassan lives by. But…this was such a real convo. He said that Hass wants the shine for being the hood woke dude. But then, he took him to task about what he said ABOUT HIM. KB went into Youtube algorithms…and so it started.

This conversation is one for the ages….its also like two hours long so its a commitment. Check it out though, its fascinating.