KXNG Crooked Airs Out Why Slaughterhouse Broke Up!

The KXNG speaks.

Usually, the best information comes directly from the source. With that, KXNG Crooked airs out why he believes Slaughterhouse broke up. Of course, he does not mince words.

First off, perception shapes reality. Needless to say, following Slaughterhouse’s disbanding, the Long Beach wordsmith candidly shares his thoughts. Above all, the Hip-Hop supergroup was composed of highly skilled artists with blunt personalities.

Be that as it may, somehow the talented group splintered. “I finally had to accept that this is over,” states the respected rapper. Moreover, he adds, “I finally had to accept that, you know, this is over. ” Next, he offers, “I need to close the chapter on this in my life, because it’s bringing me low vibes.”

Regardless, of the past shenanigans, Crooked Intriago is constantly evolving. Perhaps, that’s why he and Joell Ortiz have reconnected. Together, the duo wax poetically on their joint project, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse.

Generally speaking, the illustrious MC thoroughly opens about why Slaughterhouse split up. “I brought a situation to the table, I gave it one last shot … one more time, here’s a great deal fellows, we can put the music out through system that has nothing to do with the Universal system,” he reveals.

In addition, KXNG Crooked explains why he was working to go around Universal. In fact, this is “because that’s where all the people who were opposing Joe were, they were in the Universal.  So here’s another system,” he confides.  “They can’t block you.  They can’t hate on you.  Here’s the deal, it’s negotiable give me a call.  Everybody calls me but Joe,” bittersweet nostalgia wraps his words

Finally, the Eastside lyricist breaks it down, “Joe said he don’t want to do the deal. So I said Joe call me and tell me what you want … he never called me.  Weeks and weeks and months went by and the deal just disappears.”

Now, is the time to check out the creative evolution of KXNG Crooked.