Kyyngg Defends Drake Against XXXTentacion Comments


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s always something going on in the world of rap!

As you know Florida rapper XXXTentacion has been very vocal about dissing Drake lately. He’s accused the 6 God of biting his style, and he’s even made public passes at Drizzy’s mom.

Well Louisiana rapper Young Thug 2.0 Kyyngg isn’t feeling it at all.

“Y’all go @ this clown ass dumb ass guy name XXXporntencion. Tell him to stop dick-rdiding people for attention. I’m a new n-gga but damn what’s with these other new n-ggas,” said Kyyngg.

Wait a minute, this is the same rapper that was biting and d-ck riding Young Thug and a number of other rappers. This is straight comedy. What has Hip Hop become?! How did we get HERE?!?!

I couldn’t make it through either Kyyngg or XXXTentacion’s whole songs, so there’s that. I just thought it was funny, that this is literally the pot calling the kettle black!

XXXTentacion seems to have a big problem with Drake’s “lack of originality”. I’m sure this 15 minutes won’t last long. Drake probably will never respond to this dude again.