Lamar Odom Deletes All Pictures Of Fiancé, Sabrina Parr, Off His Instagram

Lamar might be a single man again, but many are happy for the alleged breakup.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Word is, Lamar and his health and life coach fiancé, Sabrina,  might not be together anymore.

Lamar has deleted all their pictures off of social media-leaving just 4 pictures in total-on his page.

The internet isn’t too fond of Parr, calling her controlling and abusive. The ex NBA player’s daughter has claimed she (Parr) punched her father in his mouth. 

Lamar’s son also expressed his concern for his father’s choice in a partner. He claims his dad did not call and discuss his engagement to Parr, and they (his children) had to find out about it on social media. 

He also said Parr had his father in a “sunken place.” He later apologized for his comments saying he was hurt he found out about his father’s engagement on social media and that he was caught off guard, but takes accountability for his actions.