Odom Determined To Return To NBA Despite Recent Partying Rumors

Lamar Odom expresses his desire to return to the NBA despite rumors that he is still partying in the wake of his near fatal overdose in October.

Understandably it’s been a journey back from the brink for Lamar Odom since his much publicized and near fatal drug overdose on October 13, 2015 at The Love Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.  In an incident  that reportedly involved cocaine, a herbal substitute for Viagra, and other possible drugs, Odom was found unconscious in his room lying face down and choking on his own mucus after three days of hard partying at the Dennis Hof owned Nevada Brothel.

Following these events, the road back to normal has been a steady one for Odom, with three months spent in the hospital recuperating from complications including organ damage, multiple strokes and memory loss.  Nevertheless, it would now appear that with Odom’s attendance on March 30th at the Lakers vs. Miami Heat game – his first NBA game since his overdose – as well as Odom’s attendance at former teammate and close associate Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game yesterday,  April 13, 2015 that Odom is finally ready to retake what he believes to be his rightful place in the public arena.

As reported first by ETOnline, Odom is  looking to come out of retirement and “get back on the court,” as his way of regaining himself and his standing in the world.  Considering everything that Odom has endured to this point, both physically and mentally, were he to successfully return to the NBA, it would certainly qualify as an incredible comeback story.  However, as according to recent reports by sources including E!News, ETOnline , and Perez Hilton, the real fly in the ointment might be rumors and rumors of pictures showing that Odom is straying back towards the partying lifestyle that put him out of commission to begin with.  As reported by Perez Hilton and E!News, Odom was seen recently drinking with friends at the Johnny O’Brien Pub in Sherman Oaks, CA – despite the fact that he is still in recovery from his overdose and it’s after effects.

When asked directly by ET at Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game whether there was any truth to these rumors, Odom wasn’t exactly  transparent: ” I mean, it gets tough, especially if so much gets speculated,” said Odom, continuing: “Only a few people know the truth, and I just keep that close to me heart.”

Hopefully that truth is a good one for all concerned.