Lauryn Hill Sets Record Straight On Her Viral “Tardiness” Comments

Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill has been taking some bumps and lumps based on her penchant for lateness. But she’s got a different point of view.

L-Boogie has been taking a few hits in the social media department recently. In the interest of being fair, I wanted to share a complete clip of a recent controversial moment involving Ms. Lauryn Hill that garnered attention last week. She shared it over the weekend, and I thought it was important to highlight it. She wasn’t dismissing her lateness as a snippet may have suggested.

Watching the entire clip presents a vastly different narrative. It actually unfolded as a pretty beautiful moment. Context proves crucial here, and social media painted a fairly misleading picture compared to the message conveyed in full. Lauryn Hill’s words were actually a powerful tribute to her mother. I found it incredibly moving. It’s sad and sick how online trolls can twist something loving into a negative piece of crap for the sake of clicks.

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