Lawyer Claims Troy Ave Is Barely Making It These Days


Word on the street is that rapper Troy Ave is doing pretty bad as he’s had to miss dozens of tour dates, and thousand of dollars due to the restrictions set in place by his bail conditions.

The rapper is still dealing with the attempted murder charges from the deadly May 25th shooting that took place at Irving Plaza.

Ave wants the judge to lift the bans on him performing at nightclubs, various venues, and the restriction of him being unable to leave New York City.

According to his lawyer, John Stella, the rapper is barely making it with the hit to his income.

Troy has had to cancel at least 50 tour dates since his arrest, and he hasn’t been able to book any new ones. Ave even had to use his mother’s home as collateral for his $500,000 bail.

“He’s barely able to get by. Touring is what drives everything else, and it’s hard to release music if he can’t promote it with live performances,” said Stella.

Stella wants Troy Ave to be able to still travel and do his performances with necessary conditions.