Meet Lewis Hamilton, The Unsung Hero of the Met Gala, Who Bought a Table for Rising Black Designers

Lewis Hamilton

The true hero of the Met Gala!

The true hero of the Met Gala wasn’t AOC and her performative “tax the rich” dress. The true hero of the Met Gala was a man by the name of Lewis Hamilton.

Revolt TV has a profile of the Formula 1 racer, whose name has been relatively unknown on American shores until now. Hamilton arrived at the Met Gala just days after narrowly surviving a horrific crash in Monza, Italy. What’s more, he didn’t come to the Gala with a date, or wearing a stupid dress with a performative activism phrase.

Rather, Lewis Hamilton put his money where his mouth is, and bought a table at the Gala for up-and-coming Black fashion designers to have a seat at the table. Literally.

“The Met is the biggest fashion event of the year, and for this theme, I wanted to create something that was meaningful and would spark a conversation,” Hamilton said. “So that when people see us all together, it will put these Black designers at the top of people’s minds.”

Kenneth Nicholson, Theophilio, and Jason Rembert were a few of the many designers in attendance thanks to Lewis Hamilton. Check out some of their work below. And applaud Lewis Hamilton for really doing the work instead of acting like an a## on social media while getting nothing done.
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