Liar, Liar: Adidas Puts Blac Chyna On Blast!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well things were certainly looking up for Blac Chyna post her fake drama with Rob Kardashian.

Word on the street was that Angela Renee Kardashian’s lawyers were brokering her a quarter million dollar deal with Adidas.

Although the amount seems a bit low, apparently Adidas is calling bull on Chyna and her lawyer’s claims all together.

Blac Chyna definitely loves her Adidas though as she is seen sporting the brand on her reality show appearances and in her paparazzi shots.

Well according to Adidas reps TMZ has learned that no one in the company has spoken to or reached out to Blac Chyna about anything.

It did seem a bit odd for Blac Chyna to get a shoe line with the brand, but then again it wasn’t too far fetched as she has a huge following and a lot of publicity right now. Also head hauncho Kris Jenner can snap her fingers and get anyone a deal.

Someone’s lying Chy Chy, and it seems like it’s your crew.