Is Lil Baby Feeling A Way About DaBaby?

All seemed well when they performed at the BET Awards, but the internets looked hard.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Most of us saw the BET Hip-Hop Awards and were pleased. I was particularly happy to see DaBaby and Lil Baby performing together! Now, DaBaby performed more than any other artists and beat my boo Megan Thee Stallion! I didn’t like that part until he brought his mom up and was very gracious. BUT….there is another side. (I know I veered off track.)

The internets dug up what seems to be a bit of shade coming from Lil Baby when they performed. Check out what some of the Boxden dudes discovered?

According to Chart Data, these are the biggest artists on YouTube!

Top 10 artists on YouTube US (Sept 27-Oct 3)
2. @DaBabyDaBaby 45.4M
3. @iamkevingates 45.2M
4. @PostMalone 39.3M
5. @chrisbrown 28.1M
6. @Ozuna_Pr 27.1M
7. @JBALVIN 26.9M
8. @sanbenito 26.2M
9. @lilbaby4PF 25.6M
10. @LilNasX 25M

I see both Lil Baby and DaBaby art on the list and that’s a good thing. But a year has seen considerable changes with these two people. 

DaBaby is also besting his comrade overall on the charts!

Now, ask your self…

Honestly, I don’t know! I can see how he feels a way about DaBaby! He wasn’t the first “Baby” but he certainly was the most recent before the NOW most recent. And Lil Baby might feel like he’s not the Biggest Baby no more. Also, there are those pesky drug rumors of drug use and possible abuse. We, of course, do not know for sure, but there are the images & vids that are highly suggestive. 

He might have a condition or caught “the shivers” like I get all the time. Prayers for Lil Baby!