Lil Baby Questions White Mimic That Mocks His Style

Lil Baby and Lil Man J

Lil Baby is not here for play play!

LIl Man J! WTF!

The way I see you guys better stop playing with these rappers. There is another viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. This kid LIl Man J has found a way to mimic Lil Baby to a tee. It’s quite hilarious until you realize he actually could replace the rapper sonically. I mean, seriously he cannot really replace Lil Baby, but he does have his style down. So, what are we think about this?

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I don’t think it matters what I think, but I do think that it’s something to be said when these guys can so quickly imitate or mimic current rappers. We have a Fake Drake and a Fake Lil Durk and now we have a super fake Lil Baby. It all becomes a question of creative morality. Ol’ boy actually said, ““Trying to be black, I’m as white as can be/ I’m the white Lil Baby, no one harder than me.”

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Anyway Lil Baby was not feeling it at all. But, he let the guy slide a bit and asked a question. Is he for real or is he joking?

By the way, clones and Hip-Hop are not really new. But this is becoming atrocious!