Boosie’s IG Gets Deleted Again As He Gets To 1 Million Followers


Boosie is not happy with the good people of Instagram!

Boosie Badazz cannot seem to catch a break on IG, but people seem to love him. And loathe him. He is one of he most polarizing figures in the Hip-Hop, and that has nothing to do with the music. He is out here causing all sorts of calamity for his views on a myriad of things, but most notably issues surrounding the gay community. The last time he was banished from IG, he apparently had nudity, which he denies.

Here is what he said on Twitter, a community more palatable to his brand.

Boosie is pissy!

I don’t think Boosie can win this war calling the boss a b####! OR maybe he can if the people attack him like lil digital bees! People act like Black Planet or something can help the cause, but I am not so sure of that. They are so dated at this point, even Solange couldn’t help. They still exist though, so there is some hope! I do not see Boosie creating some sort of Planet for his Azz to live on social media. He may need to be a GoodAzz instead of a BadAzz so he can stay alive. They gonna IP ban his phone! LOL!

Stop begging and get to creating!

Here is the Breakfast Club interview with the dude Boosie is mad at at!

Boosie is doing too much begging for me. “@mosseri CAN U GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE LIKE YALL DO THE REST OF THE WORLD SHOW THE WORLD THAT IG FAIR” he said before being banned again.