Lil Boosie Likes Women Like Waka Flocka’s Wife Who Accept Cheating


(AllHipHop Rumors) We all know that Boosie has some interesting views on how life should work. LOL.

The Lousiana rapper doesn’t believe in homosexuality, only allows his sons to wear his signature, “Boosie fade”, and now he wants a woman that will let you cheat on her!

Boosie BadAzz may upset Waka Flocka with his recent comments, or he might get cool points from him!

Boosie recently sat down with DJ Vlad, and revealed that he likes a woman like Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera, who will take her man back after cheating.

“Now I do be respecting the women who go back to they men. I like that. See the girl who went back to they man. Waka Flocka old lady. See I respect that. All these people leaving and doing all of this and she go back to her man. Cause she know it’s bigger than that man. It’s a home; it’s a family. I respect women who take they men back after they cheat,” said Boosie.

Do you think Waka and Tammy will appreciate Boosie for the support or be offended for him revisiting the situation?

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