Lil Durk And India Royale May Have Broken Up

Lil Durk ft. BIG30 - "Big Boy 45"

Lil Durk and India Royale have have gone their separate ways and the internet is taking it hard.

Lil Durk has not been in the rooms for quite some time, but now he’s in there for all the wrong reasons. After a highly publicized engagement to India Royale, it appears that the couple has broken up.

India tweeted something ominous. She proclaimed herself to be a “free agent,” something you can’t be when you’re with a highly successful rapper like Durkio. And yet, that’s exactly what she did. The Internet went wow, even Newsweek did a report on it.

These two have been together for years, and got engaged last December. As you already know, they have a daughter that was born in 2018.

The Internet doesn’t miss a thing. And it helps when you stop unfollowing each other on social media and delete pictures from Instagram. Now, Durk is still following her, so there may be some hope for the couple. They seem to be extremely happy and I wish nothing but the best for them! What’s crazy is she has her tattooed on his leg.

They probably just had a bad argument and need to rectify the situation so that they can get back together. Both of them are in their late 20s and I think it’s time for them to settle down!

Anyway the fans have definitely gone wild and speculation is even crazier. Let us know!

We do not know how Durk is feeling, but it seems like there’s some angst. A young jawn tried to jump in his DMs less than 24 hours after the alleged break up and he defecated on her life.