Lil Duval BREAKS Twitter With Jay-Z/NBA YoungBoy Tweet!

Lil Duval and Jay-Z

The veteran funny man flexes his twitter fingers and truly shows the world how to clown around.

Although, Jay Z is out here granting folks clemency, people are still playing games. Initially, it was Lil Mama. Then, Future wants to claim he’s “bigger in the streets.” So now, Lil Duval offers his opinion on Jay Z’s relevancy. The ludicrous comedian tweets, “Jay z don’t want no smoke with nba youngboy tho.” Thus, he effectively breaks twitter with this divisive Jay Z / NBA YoungBoy tweet.”

On the contrary, the funny man does include six emojis. Next, the question is what do these emojis truly signify? Perhaps, his comment has people swimming in puddles of their angst. However, it could actually mean that he is telling a dry joke.

Moreover, the best comedians provoke an honest reaction. Thus, Twitter follows suit. Legions of loyal Top supporters vehemently agree with Lil Drôle’s assessment. Similarly, they passionately pen their approval.

Consequently, these visceral debates that challenge the Hip-Hop culture are necessary. So, how could such a candid and concise thought provoke so much commotion? On the other hand, an eager array of people disagree with the LD comment. In summation, here are some of their thoughts.

Overall, is this a conversation that serves to challenge Hip-Hop? In fact, if it is it just plain malarkey it should be ignored. For example, does Lil Duval recognize that each artist’s creativity is subjective? Again, then this online dispute may possess some validity.

Regardless, the emerging entertainer does manage to spark a lively broadband beef. Accordingly, do not hesitate to stand upon your opinion. Above all, be sure to sound off in the comment section.