Looks Like Lil Keed Gave Young Thug A Lil Kiss!

The internet is ablaze once again as Lil Keed seemingly gave Young Thug a kiss.

(AllHipHop Rumors) On February 7, a video premiered of Lil Keed (somebody I personally didn’t know of previously) kissing Young Thug on his sweet cheek. 

Now, this was apparently a tender moment between a pair of dudes that have love for each other. They The greeted one another, shook hands, and then Lil Keed kissed Thug’s cheek.

For those that are in the know, unlike me, this is no shocker. Young Thug previously told Lil Keed, “I love u,” which is really something that he had done in the past with others. They have a couple of songs together like “Proud of Me,” and “Fetish (Remix).” 

Here they are…

Thug refers to him as “his son” so I don’t think there is any incest going on here.