Lil Kim Confirms Whether Or Not She Believes Nicki Minaj Jacked Her Style


(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj is doing everything but delivering dem bars!

To call yourself the Queen of Rap, you have to rap babe.

Everyone feels like Nicki Minaj is doing everything she can to distract folks from the fact that she got bodied by Remy Ma on “ShETHER”. You would think the female emcee would’ve responded on a track, but instead she chose to try to thirst trap over on Instagram.

Nicki has been pretty thirsty for attention though as she wore a breast-exposing emsemble during Paris Fashion week.

The outfit was reminiscent of that worn by Lil Kim at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

Nicki Minaj knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to wear this mess! She knew it would get fans talking, and she knew it would only take seconds for them to do a side by side on social media of both rapper’s outfits.

Despite the fact that Nicki has been accused of jacking multiple things from Lil Kim over the years and their previous never-settled beef, people would’ve still compared the two. When you think of one breast out with a pasty over the nipple, you think of Lil Kim.

Nicki tried to insult our intelligence by claiming that she wasn’t inspired by Lil Kim as she was inspired by a painting created by Pablo Picasso.

Nicki cut the BS girl!

Too bad the rest of the world especially Lil Kim fans called BS and began commenting going in on the fact that Nicki had “once again” jacked Kim’s style.

Kim seemed to reveal that she was in agreeance with the fans as she liked several of their post on IG.

What are your thoughts? Tell me you believe that it was obvious what Nicki did here?!!

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