Lil Loaded’s Ex-Girlfriend Denies Cheating On Him…Explains!

Lil Loaded

Lil Loaded’s ex pleads her case.

Lil Loaded is no longer with us.

But, the controversy continues. The young rapper reportedly killed himself after he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. That was the prevailing narrative after the news broke of his death. Most people, like the rumor section on this site, took that as gospel, and continued on with business. But, we are finding out that that may not be all to the story. His ex girlfriend, who is largely drowned out in all of this, is now speaking. She’s refuting the claims that she cheated on him and then that led to his death. She is saying that she broke up with him, and then he killed himself.

There is a difference, but not really. First of all, if the young man took his own life, he just took his own life. There is a lot a lot that we can say to change that and, we can’t blame the young lady for that. It is clear, he had some issues that couldn’t be solved. Or he would be here. Now, in hindsight, maybe there are some things different that could’ve done but the difference between breaking up with someone and even cheating is really insignificant when it relates to suicide. That was the decision that he made.

I’m not really seeing a whole lotta chatter about this on the Internet and I saw some stuff before this new post even was made. But check out what she has to say and you be the judge and let me know what you think.