Lil Meech Unveils Thirsty DMs After Jess Hilarious Hints At His “Musty” Odor

lil meech

Let the direct messages speak.

Lil Meech had some words for Jess Hilarious recently. An on-air allegation about his alleged body odor sparked the exchange, leading to the Detroit native’s roll out of the comic’s perceived “thirsty” direct messages.

People sometimes easily forget celebrities are human, too. While these entertainers are typically too busy to respond, on some occasions, they do. First off, nobody is above being mocked. However, one must be ready for the response a jab may elicit.

Be that as it may, Lil Meech clearly doesn’t take kindly to disrespect. Following Jess’ allegations, Meech took to social media to tell his truth.

His inquisitively asked, “How I Stink But This Unstable Creature @jesshilarious_official In My DMs Trying To Get Chose?” Next, Meech answered his previous rhetorical question. He stated, “I See Why U Mad Now. This Is A Crazy World We Live In.”

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A seemingly agitated Summer Walker—who may or may not be dating the polished performer—weighed in on the ordeal. Among other things, the singer had an array of questions, many of which went for the jugular.

Walker’s commentary explores the subjects concerning the integrity, perspective, mental stability, genetic composition and inherent beauty of Jess Hilarious. Well, it seems as though Walker aptly expressed her opinion.