Lil Meech Rumors! Was He Really Arrested??

Lil Meech Demetrius Flenory Jr.

Has Lil Meech been arrested? Or was he filming BMF? The streets and the innanets are talking!

The rumors are out of control! Last night I had to clutch my pearls. They tried to circulate that Lil Meech was arrested and somehow a target of the FEDS. With all the RICO charges hitting the Hip-Hop community, this was super scary. 

First of all, we all know that Lil Meech has real connections to the BMF crew. This is not in question. Also, he’s working hard on getting his pops, Big Meech, right when he comes home. There is absolutely nothing illegal about that. 

Since last night, I have been trying to find out if Mitch was really arrested. There are a number of Memes and there are a number of reports, but I have found nothing official. I will say this as well, our team has reached out to his team to see what they have to say. At the moment, they are saying very very little.

A recent mug shot is what prompted me to go ahead and write this rumor. Because the mug shot looks real. But, on further analysis, it also could be taken for a TV show.

As you know, they have started recording the next season of BMF. It could easily be a photo from the show or something like that.

On Instagram, Mitch posted something that seemed like he was laughing at the rumors. Or maybe he was laughing while being arrested? I honestly don’t know!

Obviously, I will continue to give information as it comes in, but this is all I have at the moment. I hope this is all false and that this is simply a case of the Internet going wild. That young man has expressed that he has no intention of being a criminal, only an actor. That said, let’s sit tight and hope for the best!

Does this look real?

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