Lil Reese Reportedly Blind In One Eye After Shooting Attack!

Lil Reese - Kill Don't Hurt

Lil Reese is way in the WOODS!

Lil Reese!

Lil Reese is still dealing with the ramifications behind the shooting that almost took his life. The details are extremely murky still but it seems like the Chicago rapper was caught in the middle of a dramatic situation that dealt with a stolen car. Lil Reese denies that he was ACTUALLY stealing car, but he has allegedly claimed that he was trying to buy weed. Well, weed is somewhat decriminalized now so that’s not as bad as trying to steal a car. Either way, what we doing now?

We know that the result of all of this was him getting shot, where  Reese was looking really bad – leaking everywhere. He was bleeding profusely and a lot of that was coming from his orbital area well, it looks like his rap personas going to change a little bit. Because according to rumors Reece is going to be blind in his left eye which is where he was shot. That means he is now compromise in his vocal Tone and his visual as well. Maybe he can do like Slick Rick and Doe B.

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My goodness, this is TERRIBLE! Lil Bro needs to get up out of Chicago and relocate to somewhere peaceful. He MUST get up out of there or else he is going to get killed. I know you remember a few years ago when he got beat down and they duff him out so good that he pooped his pants! All of this played out live on social media and YouTube for all to see. And I have to say, being a man of a certain generation, I’m glad I’ve never seen any of my favorite artists in that form. It’s just terrible! Get this boy HELP!!!

Where is Chief Keef when you need him to guide the youth?

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