Lil Wop, Hops Onto Instagram, Declares His Sexuality?

Lil Wop

Lil Wop is here!

If nothing else, Hip-Hop unabashedly celebrates honesty. So, yesterday (Feb. 13), Lil Wop hops onto Instagram, and boldly declares his sexuality. Following, the liberating declaration, Mr. Wopavelli 3 is receiving an overwhelming positive response.

Regardless of his inclination, within himself the Midwest musician is confident. Perhaps, this relentless tenacity has been building. Of course, via Alamo Records, the Chicago rhymer was formerly signed to Gucci Mane’s imprint, 1017 Eskimos.

Provided that, W.E. may be motivated by Gucci’s self-assuredness. In fact, the Chicago spitter flings open the closet door and is embracing his truth. Moreover, the accompanying caption reads, “I’m Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls 😌💕 It’s W.E 😛[.]”

In addition, to the sultry stare, the Wopster is standing on his words. Thus, the emerging artist engages Twitter. While there, he works his stance. Also, the revealing picture displays even more of his supple thigh meat.

Moreover, that works in conjunction with his exposed and athletic tummy. Actually, it seems to beckon some sort of advertisement. Be that as it may, social media is voicing its opinion on Famous Dex’s cousin. Overall, most of the reactions are encouraging.

Above all, Lil Wop has the presence of mind to merge his art with his authentic self. For that, he is winning.