Lil Yachty Believes Drake Is A Better Rapper Than Tupac & Biggie


Lil Yachty is back at it again with the BULL! It was already bad enough that the rapper said he can’t name 3 Tupac or Biggie songs, but now he strikes again with another outrageous comment.

Lil Yachty recently expressed in a convo with his friends that Drake is a better rapper than Tupac and Biggie. How Sway?!

Yachty and his friends were hanging out on a tour bus, when he said the 6 God was better than both rap legends.

Why does Lil’ Sail Boat believe this???? He feels Drake is automatically better because Tupac and Biggie couldn’t sing and Drake “can”.

These new generation mumble rappers are something else. We can’t take away from the 6 God’s success, but Drake aint no Pac or Big!