Lira Galore Clowns Rick Ross' Alleged Side Chick On Twitter


Photo via Lira Galore’s Instagram

Allegedly Rick Ross and Lira Galore have been taking a few breaks and the couple has been on and off. Supposedly Rozay hasn’t been with Lira in a month and he has been dating a girl named Jas who is supposedly a friend of Lira’s. Lira and her friend @BeanieMinaj jumped on Twitter to clown the girl for being a “side h*e” and for living in a dorm. Lira and Beanie went in on blogger Reezy Love from The Rarolae Blog for revealing that Rick is allegedly messing with Jas. Beanie said if this is the case, then Rozay needs to buy the girl a condo because living in a dorm isn’t cutting it. Reezy clapped back saying,

“If Lira don’t focus on keeping her man who keeps taking off his ring and chilling with home girl from Morgan.”

Who knows what’s really going on between Lira and Ross.